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Today’s Song Of The Day is dedicated to Manolis Angelopoulos.

Angelopoulos 2

The song I have chosen for today is “Misirlou”.

The earliest recordings of the song are a 1919 Egyptian composition called Bint Misr and a 1927 Greek rebetiko composition influenced by Middle-Eastern music. There are also traditional Arabic, Jewish, Armenian and Turkish versions of the song.

In 1962, Dick Dale’s released the American surf rock version which gave worldwide popularity to this tune. It was also remade by the Beach Boys & The Ventures as well as performed time and time again by international orchestras.

The tune was again made hugely popular when it was the main theme in the 1994 movie, Pulp Fiction, and was also a big feature in the 2006 song by the Black Eyed Peas, PUMP IT.

I want to focus this Song Of The Day on the Manolis Angelopoulos version.

Here is a live version of this song, performed by Kotsiras…….

Here is the ORIGINAL

Here is one for the Pulp Fiction fans…….

The Lyrics

Μισιρλού μου, η γλυκιά σου η ματιά
φλόγα μου `χει ανάψει μες στην καρδιά,
αχ γιαχαμπίμπι, αχ γιαλελέλι, αχ
τα δυο σου χείλη στάζουνε μέλι, οϊμέ.

Αχ, Μισιρλού, μαγική ξωτική ομορφιά,
τρέλα θα μου `ρθει, δεν υποφέρω πια,
αχ, θα σε κλέψω μέσ’ απ’ την Αραπιά.

Μαυρομάτα Μισιρλού μου τρελή
η ζωή μου αλλάζει μ’ ένα φιλί,
αχ γιαχαμπίμπι, μ’ ένα φιλάκι, αχ
απ’ το δικό σου το στοματάκι, οϊμέ.

Misirlou mou, i glikia sou i matia
floga mou ‘hei anapsei mes stin kardia,
ah giahabibi, ah gialeleli, ah
ta dio sou heili stazoune meli, oime.

Ah, Misirlou, magiki ksotiki omorfia,
trela tha mou ‘rthei, den ipofero pia,
ah, tha se klepso mes’ ap’ tin Arapia.

Mavromata Misirlou mou treli
i zoi mou allazei m’ ena fili,
ah giahabibi, m’ ena filaki, ah
ap’ to diko sou to stomataki, oime.

angelopoulos 3


Odessey Greek Band – London

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