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Song Of The Day

For about 18 months now, I have enjoyed writing this blog and reading your responses, both on the website and on social media.

The majority of the songs I have featured have been my choice, but I have always been happy to take requests.

The reason I enjoy writing this post so much is that it gives me the opportunity to research both the song and the artist. Some of my blogs have been more detailed than others. The main information I want to get out there is who sings the song, when it was released, the lyrics and a variety of videos original and live.

I am running a poll to see who is your favorite singer from this list. This is not to say that there isn’t better singers out there, but from the feedback I have received these are the most popular.



Whichever gets the most votes from you, will be the artist I will feature every day for 1 week, a different song everyday.

Please share this poll with your friends and family too so we can get everyone’s opinion.

Here are links to songs I have blogged from these artists to help you try to make your decision:-







Thank you for reading this blog and look forward to seeing the results!


Odessey Greek Band – London

Greek Band for Hire


Today’s Song Of The Day is dedicated to“Strados Dionysiou.

dionisiouThe song I have chosen to feature today is “Vrehi Fotia

This song was released in 1970 on the album “Μαζί με τον Στράτο”.

In Greece, when a new song was released, the best way of promoting it and making sure the public got to hear it, they would feature it in a big movie. Vrehi Fotia was written for and featured in the 1970 film “Ορατότης Μηδέν”.

Here is the Clip from the film……..

Here is also a short clip of us performing this at the Grosvenor Casino in Russell Square London on Easter Sunday 2014……

And for everyone else, here is the original track by this great legend!

The lyrics for this song

Βρέχει φωτιά στη στράτα μου
φωτιά που μ’ έχει κάψει
για τα φτωχά τα νιάτα μου
κανένας δε θα κλάψει

Η ζωή, η ζωή εδώ τελειώνει
σβήνει το καντήλι μου
κι η ψυχή, η ψυχή σαν χελιδόνι
φεύγει απ’ τα χείλη μου

Κύμα πικρό στην πλώρη μου
και τα πανιά σκισμένα
ούτε αδελφός αγόρι μου
δε νοιάστηκε για σένα

Η ζωή, η ζωή εδώ τελειώνει
σβήνει το καντήλι μου
κι η ψυχή, η ψυχή σαν χελιδόνι
φεύγει απ’ τα χείλη μου

Artist: Stratos Dionisiou

Album: Μαζί με τον Στράτο – 1970


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