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SONG OF THE DAY “Ta Mavra Matia Sou”

Today’s Song Of The Day is dedicated to Angelopoulos.

Angelopoulos 2

The song I have chosen for today is “Ta Mavra Matia Sou”

Manolis Angelopoulos was born on the 8th April 1941, in Agios Athanasios Dramas, in Greece. He was a popular Greek singer, composer & songwriter of Romani origin.

During his childhood, Angelopoulos traveled all over Greece with his Gipsy family in their caravan, selling a variety of goods from carpets to watermellons. The caravan trucks had a microphone and he began to sell these items through the use of his singing voice over the loudspeakers. After losing his father when he was 13, he tried to help his family by working in several clubs. His singing talent attracted many composers and producers offering him the opportunity to record his first song in 1957.

He gained popularity during the 1960s through his love songs as well as songs about Greek Refugees and exotic places. He also brought a mix of Greek-Gypsy-Arabian influences into the Greek music scene.

His song “Τα μαύρα μάτια σου” (“Ta Mavra Matia Sou” meaning Your black eyes), is considered an anthem of the Greek gypsies and one of the most favorite songs in Greece in respect of the Tsifteteli.

Manolis Angelopoulos died in London on 2 April 1989. He is one of the most celebrated singers in Greece.

Source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manolis_Angelopoulos


Here is the original recording of this classic…….


Here are 2 LIVE versions of this song……….

By his son, Stathis………


The Lyrics

Τα μαύρα μάτια σου
όταν τα βλέπω με ζαλίζουνε
και την καρδιά μου συγκλονίζουνε
όταν τα βλέπω μου θυμίζουνε
κάποια αγάπη μου παλιά

Μέσα στα μάτια σου
κοιτάζω κείνη που αγαπούσα μέχρι χτες
εκείνη που άνοιξε στα στήθια μου πληγές
τα μαύρα μάτια σου μ’ ανάβουν πυρκαγιές

Τα μαύρα μάτια σου
όταν τα βλέπω με ζαλίζουνε
και την καρδιά μου συγκλονίζουνε
όταν τα βλέπω μου θυμίζουνε
κάποια αγάπη μου παλιά


Μάρω Μπιζάνη


Μανώλης Αγγελόπουλος


Odessey Greek Band – London

Greek Band for Hire

Song Of The Day

For about 18 months now, I have enjoyed writing this blog and reading your responses, both on the website and on social media.

The majority of the songs I have featured have been my choice, but I have always been happy to take requests.

The reason I enjoy writing this post so much is that it gives me the opportunity to research both the song and the artist. Some of my blogs have been more detailed than others. The main information I want to get out there is who sings the song, when it was released, the lyrics and a variety of videos original and live.

I am running a poll to see who is your favorite singer from this list. This is not to say that there isn’t better singers out there, but from the feedback I have received these are the most popular.



Whichever gets the most votes from you, will be the artist I will feature every day for 1 week, a different song everyday.

Please share this poll with your friends and family too so we can get everyone’s opinion.

Here are links to songs I have blogged from these artists to help you try to make your decision:-







Thank you for reading this blog and look forward to seeing the results!


Odessey Greek Band – London

Greek Band for Hire


Today’s Song Of The Day is dedicated to Manolis Angelopoulos.

Angelopoulos 2

The song I have chosen for today is “Misirlou”.

The earliest recordings of the song are a 1919 Egyptian composition called Bint Misr and a 1927 Greek rebetiko composition influenced by Middle-Eastern music. There are also traditional Arabic, Jewish, Armenian and Turkish versions of the song.

In 1962, Dick Dale’s released the American surf rock version which gave worldwide popularity to this tune. It was also remade by the Beach Boys & The Ventures as well as performed time and time again by international orchestras.

The tune was again made hugely popular when it was the main theme in the 1994 movie, Pulp Fiction, and was also a big feature in the 2006 song by the Black Eyed Peas, PUMP IT.

I want to focus this Song Of The Day on the Manolis Angelopoulos version.

Here is a live version of this song, performed by Kotsiras…….

Here is the ORIGINAL

Here is one for the Pulp Fiction fans…….

The Lyrics

Μισιρλού μου, η γλυκιά σου η ματιά
φλόγα μου `χει ανάψει μες στην καρδιά,
αχ γιαχαμπίμπι, αχ γιαλελέλι, αχ
τα δυο σου χείλη στάζουνε μέλι, οϊμέ.

Αχ, Μισιρλού, μαγική ξωτική ομορφιά,
τρέλα θα μου `ρθει, δεν υποφέρω πια,
αχ, θα σε κλέψω μέσ’ απ’ την Αραπιά.

Μαυρομάτα Μισιρλού μου τρελή
η ζωή μου αλλάζει μ’ ένα φιλί,
αχ γιαχαμπίμπι, μ’ ένα φιλάκι, αχ
απ’ το δικό σου το στοματάκι, οϊμέ.

Misirlou mou, i glikia sou i matia
floga mou ‘hei anapsei mes stin kardia,
ah giahabibi, ah gialeleli, ah
ta dio sou heili stazoune meli, oime.

Ah, Misirlou, magiki ksotiki omorfia,
trela tha mou ‘rthei, den ipofero pia,
ah, tha se klepso mes’ ap’ tin Arapia.

Mavromata Misirlou mou treli
i zoi mou allazei m’ ena fili,
ah giahabibi, m’ ena filaki, ah
ap’ to diko sou to stomataki, oime.

angelopoulos 3


Odessey Greek Band – London

Greek Band for Hire


Todays Song Of The Day is dedicated to Manolis Angelopoulos.

angelopoulos 3

The song I have chosen for today is “O Prosfigas“.

If you prefer we also have a LIVE version of this great track. I love the intro…….


The album “O Prosfigas” was released in 1977.


1. O prosfigas
2. Aintes aintes
3. Pios Theos
4. Na pis s’ avton
5. Ke si ke si
6. Dos’ mou file ti fotia sou
7. Ta mavra matia sou
8. Ti na sou ‘hi pi
9. Agapes mou perastikes
10. Sou harizo tin kardia mou
11. Aporo
12. Mes stis Pentelis ta vouna

The lyrics for this song

Δίνω στο παιδί μπαξίσι
πέντε τάλιρα χρυσά
άιντε να μου τραγουδήσει
δυο Σμυρνέϊκα παλιά.Να μου το πει τον αμανέ
και ας πεθάνω, μα το ναι.
Εγώ `μαι πρόσφυγας ξεριζωμένος
και με Σμυρνέϊκα παλιά νανουρισμένος.Όσα έχω αποχτήσει
πρόσφυγας στην ξένη γη
σου τα δίνω όλα μπαξίσι
και τραγούδα ως την αυγή.

Πες το, καλέ, τον αμανέ
και ας πεθάνω, μα το ναι.
Εγώ `μαι πρόσφυγας ξεριζωμένος
και με Σμυρνέϊκα παλιά νανουρισμένος.

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