SONG OF THE DAY Den Ise ‘si Gia Mena

Today’s Song Of The Day is dedicated to Mixalis Theodosiou.

mixalis T

The song I have chosen for today is “Den Ise ‘si Gia Mena”.

Den Ise ‘si Gia Mena was released on the 24th June 2013.

mixalis theodosiou

The lyrics were written by Harry K who also wrote the music and was performed by Mixalis Theodosiou.

Not a stranger to the stage, Mixalis has been performing alongside his Father since the age of 14 at weddings, christenings and other various engagements while his first singing appearance was at his local Greek School Dinner and Dance aged 15. He continued to build up a profile for himself performing with various bands and artists and by his early teenage years he was headlining various North London Bouzoukia Night Clubs. Mixalis then went on to form his own band, Cleopatra with Andy Varnava. He stands as the front man singer alongside five other muscians who together have played all over the country entertaining countless communities and audiences while more recently had the opportunity to be the opening act for Yiorgos Tsalikis.

You can see him perform live every Friday and Saturday at The Apollo Bouzoukia restaurant, Seven Sisters Road.

mixalis T

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