SONG OF THE DAY Itane Mia Fora

Today’s Song Of The Day is dedicated to “Nikos Ksilouris


The song I have chosen for today is “Itane Mia Fora”.

Here is a live version of this classic tune…….


Nikos Xilouris sings Itane mia fora, a Greek song which translates to “Once upon a time” in English. Itane mia fora is a very popular song, probably the most characteristic song by Nikos Xilouris, who has marked it with his voice. Although the song has been sung by other singers and performers throughout time, it never compares.

The song Itane mia fora was heard for the first time  in 1973, at a TV show – adaptation of the novel “Emporoi ton ethnon” which means “Merchants of Nations”, made by Kostas Ferris. The story behind the song is quite interesting:  Xilouris had no idea about the song and he was brought to the studio to sing it without any rehearsals or second recording. The first recording was the one that is known and played till today.

It is said that Nikos Xilouris noticed later that he made a couple of mistakes when singing and asked the composer Stavros Xarhakos to sing it again, but he denied, saying “the way you sung it the first time cannot be repeated! It stays as it is!”. Xarhakos was obviously right, since it is one of the marking songs of Greek music, the trademark of Nikos Xilouris himself.

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The lyrics for this song

Ήτανε μια φορά μάτια μου κι έναν καιρό
μια όμορφη κυρά αρχόντισσα να σε χαρώ

Μια μικροπαντρεμένη κόρη ξανθή
τον κύρη της προσμένει βράδυ πρωί

Ένα Σαββάτο βράδυ καλέ μια Κυριακή
τον ήλιο το φεγγάρι, καλέ, παρακαλεί

Ήλιε μου φώτισέ τον φεγγάρι μου
πάνε και μίλησέ του για χάρη μου

Γυρίζει κι αρμενίζει καλέ στα πέλαγα
τους πειρατές θερίζει καλέ και τους χαλά

Στον ήλιο στο φεγγάρι και στη βροχή
και μένανε μ’ αφήνει έρμη και μοναχή

Γαλέρα ανοίχτηκε μάτια μου με το βοριά
στη μάχη ρίχτηκε μάτια μου και στον καυγά

Μέσα σ’ ένα σινάφι πειρατικό
είδα φωτιά ν’ ανάβει και φονικό

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